In a high-profile legal dispute, pop sensation Katy Perry finds herself embroiled in a contentious battle over a $15 million mansion, previously owned by 84-year-old veteran Carl Westcott. The heart of the matter revolves around allegations that Perry and her team have made against Westcott's health, suggesting that his family might have "faked" his battle with Huntington's disease to gain an advantage in the property dispute.

Carl Westcott, the founder of 1-800-Flowers, has been in a legal tussle with Perry and Orlando Bloom's business agent since 2020 over the sale of his Santa Barbara home. Westcott alleges that he was deceived into selling the property to the celebrity couple while he was under the influence of painkillers, post a six-hour back surgery. Medical experts have testified that Carl was incapacitated at the time, showing early symptoms of Alzheimer's/dementia, which were exacerbated by his debilitating illness. When the effects of the painkillers subsided, Westcott had a change of heart. However, when he approached Perry and Bloom's real estate agent to discuss the matter, he was met with a firm response. Their attorney sent a letter stating they were "not willing to walk away" and that Westcott was "obligated to complete the sale."

The legal waters were further muddied when Perry claimed that Carl owed her $2.6 million. This amount, she alleges, is related to the potential income she could have generated had she been able to rent out Westcott's property.

In an exclusive conversation with, Chart Westcott, Carl's son, expressed his family's distress over the allegations. He stated that Perry and her legal team "crossed lines with us, and I don’t take it lightly.” He went on to describe the emotional toll this legal battle has taken on his family, especially with the accusations of them faking Carl's illness. Labeling these claims as "heinous," Chart emphasized that Perry's team seems determined to get her what she desires, regardless of the cost.

Chart Westcott didn't mince words when he described Perry and her legal team as "soulless." He believes that the entire dispute over his father's home, where Carl wished to spend his last days, is driven by Perry's "ego" and "selfishness." The Westcott family remains resolute in their determination to protect Carl's legacy. Chart asserted that he would defend his father's honor with "every force of strength in my body.”

The trial, which began earlier this month, has been temporarily halted due to scheduling conflicts, including Perry's commitments to her Las Vegas residency and her role as a judge on American Idol. The proceedings are set to resume on November 3, at which point the date for Perry's testimony will be determined.