In a candid interview with former news anchor and now Republican Senatorial candidate Kari Lake, Eric Trump, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, opened up about his childhood and the unique relationship he shared with his father, former President Donald Trump.

From the outset, Eric Trump painted a picture of a childhood that was far from ordinary. He described his father's approach to parenting as "unconventional." While many children might recall playing catch with their fathers or having family dinners every night, Eric's memories were different. He admitted that he often didn't see his father much during his formative years. When asked by Lake if the Trump family had regular dinners together, Eric responded, "Yeah, he was unconventional. We probably spent less time out there throwing baseballs around." He further elaborated that they spent "a tremendous amount of time in his office."

One of the most striking revelations was Eric's introduction to manual labor at a tender age. He was made to work on construction sites, a decision by his father to instill a robust work ethic and teach the value of money. This hands-on experience, while invaluable, meant that young Eric often missed out on regular father-son bonding moments.

However, it wasn't all work and no play. Eric fondly remembered the advice his father consistently gave him from a young age. "Eric, no drinking, no drugs, no smoking," he recalled his father advising him daily, even when he was as young as four.

Yet, some of Eric's statements seemed to be at odds with previous claims about the Trump family dynamics. Ivana Trump, Donald Trump's late ex-wife and Eric's mother, had once remarked that the former president was "non-present" during their children's early years. This sentiment was echoed by several social media users who responded to clips of the interview shared online. One user cited Ivana's claim, noting that Donald Trump "didn't want anything to do with the children until they were old enough to join the family business." Another commented on the apparent lack of affection within the Trump family, likening their interactions to those between "country club members."

The interview wasn't just a trip down memory lane. Current events, particularly the media's portrayal of the Trump family, were also discussed. Eric expressed his dissatisfaction with what he perceives as biased media coverage against his family. He emphasized the need for a more balanced representation, lamenting the often negative spotlight shone on the Trumps.

Politics inevitably made its way into the conversation. Eric shed light on his role within the Trump Organization and his unwavering support for his father's political ambitions. He proudly stated that he was among the first to back his father's decision to run for the presidency.

The interview provided a rare glimpse into the personal life of a member of one of the most discussed families in America. It showcased the complexities and nuances of growing up Trump, offering both supporters and critics food for thought.