Up-and-coming country artist Jimmie Allen is facing an uncertain future as his three-year marriage ends and a serious accusation threatens to derail his career. Allen's former manager has brought forward allegations of sexual assault that have transformed him into a persona non grata in Nashville's country music scene.

A civil lawsuit filed against Allen came to light shortly after his wife, Alexis Gale, initiated divorce proceedings. Gale, currently expecting the couple's third child, reportedly left Allen when he admitted the impending legal trouble.

The accuser, anonymized as Jane Doe in the suit, alleges a pattern of sexual abuse and harassment during her tenure as Allen's manager from 2020 to 2022. She asserts that Allen frequently violated her boundaries, culminating in a sexual assault in a hotel room in March 2021. The lawsuit alleges that following the incident, Allen declared, "You're mine now," and subsequently used videos of their encounters as a form of blackmail.

Allen, 37, denies the allegations, claiming he had a consensual relationship with his accuser. He regards the lawsuit as a ploy to extract money from him, saying, "Only after things ended between us did she hire a lawyer and ask for money, which leads me to question her motives."

Sources, however, suggest that Allen's wife was kept in the dark until the lawsuit's looming arrival forced him to reveal his secret. The accusations have been described as "much worse than just an affair."

The once-rising star recently completed a tour with Carrie Underwood, co-hosted last year's Academy of Country Music Awards, and participated in Dancing with the Stars. However, his standing in the industry has taken a substantial hit following the allegations. Stoney Creek Records and United Talent Agency have both suspended their associations with the "Best Shot" singer. Furthermore, Allen was removed from the CMA Fest lineup and replaced as the commencement speaker at Delaware State University.

A source voiced pessimism about Allen's career prospects: "It's hard to see how Jimmie can rebound from this, particularly as the lawsuit continues to unravel in court."

The source further explained that Allen's former manager claims to have considerable evidence supporting her allegations, including text messages and contemporaneous accounts she shared with friends. "Jimmie was on the verge of becoming a major force in country music, and now that's all up in the air."