Comedian Ruby Wax made a biting remark about former US President Donald Trump's preferences in women during a recent appearance at the Hay Festival in Wales.

Wax shared her experience of interviewing Trump in his private jet in 1996, where she pointedly noted that Trump had not shown any interest in her, unlike his known tendencies with young women. She candidly asserted, "I'm not his type. I have a brain," causing laughter among the festival attendees.

The comedian recounted their mutual annoyance during the interview. Wax, taken aback by Trump's ambition to become president one day, couldn't contain her amusement. The tension culminated in Trump's demand to "Land the plane," a sentiment echoed by Wax, who found his demeanor off-putting and reminiscent of her father's "killer eyes."

This recount comes amidst the backdrop of Trump's legal entanglements involving allegations of sexual assault. As reported previously, E. Jean Carroll, a former columnist, recently hit Trump with another lawsuit after a court ordered him to pay her $5 million.

Carroll, who accused Trump of making a pass at her and sexually assaulting her, is now suing him over defamatory remarks made during a nationally broadcasted town hall earlier this month. Trump, despite being found liable for sexually abusing Carroll, continues to deny the accusations, dubbing her a "whack job" and dismissing the allegations as "fake" and a "made-up story."

Carroll's recent court filing stressed the "depth of his malice" towards her, suggesting his post-verdict defamatory statements could hardly be "more motivated by hatred, ill will, or spite." The lawsuit aims to secure a substantial punitive damages award to chastise Trump, discourage him from further defamatory acts, and deter others from engaging in similar behavior.

The document further noted the insult to Carroll's character, as Trump questioned the nature of the woman who would involve herself in a sexual encounter 'within minutes' of meeting someone, thereby trivializing his alleged sexual abuse of her.

Finally, the court papers pointed out the significant reach of the defamatory comments, citing that the CNN Town Hall was watched by an estimated 3 million viewers, many of whom were seen "applauding" and "laughing along" as Trump disparaged Carroll.