Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood's famed heartthrob, appears to have embraced a more relaxed approach to his physique, despite courting slender supermodel Gigi Hadid, say insiders. These sources suggest that DiCaprio's expanding waistline isn't hampering his charisma or appetite for new companionship.

"Leo is displaying a more laid-back approach to his fitness regimen, perhaps due to his indulgent dietary habits," a source revealed.

According to insiders, the "Wolf of Wall Street" actor's current weight, allegedly surpassing 220 pounds, hasn't dented his zest for social outings or his fondness for late-night feasts.

"Leo's post-partying ritual typically involves an indulgent binge on fast food, a method he claims helps ward off hangovers," an insider noted. "But it's not just a single serving of burgers and fries. He is known to polish off two or three double cheeseburgers in one sitting!"

Previous reports by The National ENQUIRER have speculated on the resemblance between DiCaprio's current figure and that of his supposed idol, the legendary Jack Nicholson. However, insiders now claim that the actor's weight gain might be escalating into a considerable issue.

"There's a noticeable increase in his weight over the past few months," a source disclosed. "He enjoys eating at upscale restaurants but also has a proclivity for junk food and sweets."

Despite the Hollywood superstar expressing concerns about being ridiculed for his "paunchy waistline" in the upcoming summer, sources allege that he lacks the discipline to embark on a weight loss journey independently.

"What Leo needs is a structured diet plan, guided by a professional nutritionist," the source advised. "Also, hiring a personal trainer could be the push he needs to kick-start his fitness journey!"

Overall, it seems that the "Titanic" superstar's love for food and a relaxed lifestyle has garnered as much attention as his choice of companions. But, knowing Leo's history of transforming for roles, we may soon see a fitter DiCaprio again.