The royal coronation of Queen Camilla and King Charles turned heads as Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, defied royal tradition and refrained from showing obeisance to the newly crowned queen. This act of defiance has stoked the simmering tensions between the two powerful royal women, insiders told The National ENQUIRER.

Royal observers suggest that this open slight might mark the beginning of a more pronounced discord between Middleton, wife of Prince William, and the new queen.

"Kate has always navigated tricky situations and personalities with grace, reflecting an outwardly calm demeanor," said an informed palace source. "However, her refusal to kowtow to royal politics is not to be underestimated."

The dispute was markedly evident at the May 6 coronation, where Kate Middleton notably refrained from curtsying to Camilla, a significant departure from the ceremonial protocol.

"Kate's audacious snub was a major talking point," confirmed the source. "Her ire was reportedly fueled by Camilla's high-handed instructions regarding the guest list for the coronation."

Royal biographer Tom Bower shed light on the existing acrimony, revealing that Middleton was allowed to invite only four family members to the monumental occasion, while Camilla had a contingent of twenty. Adding insult to injury, Camilla reportedly extended an invitation to Rose Hanbury, the woman rumored to be Prince William's mistress, a move seen as a direct affront to Middleton.

"The rumors about William and Rose were denied outright, but the incident still caused a rift in his relationship with Kate," revealed an insider. "Camilla's invitation to Rose was a calculated strike."

The animosity between the two has been brewing ever since Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011 and quickly became Queen Elizabeth's favorite. "Camilla has been envious of Kate from the start," confided a courtier. "She has disparaged Kate as a 'commoner' and treated her with disrespect."

According to the courtier, after Queen Elizabeth's passing last September, a significant altercation between Camilla and Kate ensued, marking a turning point in their strained relationship.

"Camilla, intoxicated with her newfound position, began to throw her weight around, demanding everyone to show her deference," the courtier shared. This attitude greatly contrasts with Kate Middleton's conduct, who is known for her respectful and dignified demeanor.

"Camilla's conduct has left Kate repulsed," admitted a palace informant. “Kate’s grace and poise have made her an invaluable asset to the royal family, and many regard her as the real queen, while Camilla is seen as merely a claimant to the throne.”