Lady Colin Campbell, a British royal commentator, has raised controversial allegations about Meghan Markle's behaviour during her brief tenure as a briefcase model on the game show "Deal or No Deal." Campbell claimed that Markle was excessively "flirty" and "suggestive" towards the show's married host, Howie Mandel. These allegations, supposedly sourced from an insider, could not be independently confirmed by the International Business Times.

Speaking on GB News' "Dan Wootton Tonight," Campbell suggested that Markle aimed to leverage her relationship with Mandel for professional advancement. Campbell quoted her anonymous source as saying, "Meghan zeroed in on him... His wife said, 'Sorry, you've got to get rid of her.' Meghan was using him as yet another stepping stone."

Campbell's allegations were amplified when she asserted that Markle, always seeking to expand her role, was considered problematic by Mrs. Mandel, prompting her exit from the show.

Furthermore, Campbell rejected Markle's claim of objectification of the show's briefcase models as "total nonsense." She explained, "The show is about delectable girls... their beauty... their attractiveness... their vivacity. Every single woman on that show who has achieved more than Meghan has said what a wonderful opportunity it was."

Fellow royal expert Phil Dampier appeared on the same episode and noted that Markle's ambition for recognition as an aspiring actress was understandable. However, he criticized her purported attempts to revise past events after leaving the show, wondering what she might alter if she authored a book about her life.

Lucas Green, chief content officer at Banijay, owner of the "Deal or No Deal" format, disagreed with Markle's claim of objectification, asserting that the show is consistently evolving and modernizing to reflect societal values. He noted, for example, that the U.K. version employs ordinary people rather than models.

Markle, known for her role in "Suits," shared her "bimbo" experiences on "Deal or No Deal" from 2006-2007 in her "Archetypes" podcast last October. She expressed her discontent about being reduced to an object on stage despite the intelligence of her fellow briefcase models.

Some former models, including Donna Feldman and Patricia Kara, refuted Markle's allegations, claiming they were never objectified and knew what they were signing up for when hired as "Briefcase Beauties."