Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have been keeping each other company as they self-isolate at Windsor Castle together.

While speaking with Hello! magazine, Joe Little, the managing editor of Majesty Magazine said that there’s a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic, at least for the royal couple.

Prior to the outbreak, the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been living separately. The queen was staying at Buckingham Palace because it’s close to her royal duties and engagements. Prince Philip, on the other hand, was in Sandringham.

But because of the deadly virus, Prince Philip was transported to Windsor Castle to be with his wife of over seven decades.

According to Little, Prince Philip is not a lovey-dovey towards his wife. But he continues to be an important ingredient in the queen’s success and happiness.

Prince Philip has the ability to make the queen laugh because of his slightly naughty sense of humor. And during the pandemic, Prince Philip is also able to keep his wife amused.

Little said that the queen values the companionship that she shares with Prince Philip now that they are physically together compared to when they are just talking on the phone.

The editor also said that Prince Philip will be a great comfort to the very social queen, who was suddenly forced to postpone or cancel her royal engagements. At the age of 94, Her Majesty still hasn’t retired from her public duties.

Little said that it is evident that Prince Philip and the queen has one of the strongest partnerships in the world. And the success of their marriage has to do with the couple have independent minds.

Meanwhile, royal author Robert Lacey said that Prince Philip has come to enjoy video calling the younger members of the royal family. Lacey also dubbed the queen’s husband as a gadget man because of his ability to adapt to today’s technology.

And on Thursday, Prince Philip will be celebrating his 99th birthday at Windsor Castle. He won’t be having a huge birthday celebration despite his milestone due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But the Duke of Edinburgh would get to celebrate his special day with his wife. And he will most likely receive calls from the other members of the royal family.

His eldest son, Prince Charles previously expressed his sadness over not being able to celebrate his dad’s birthday. The heir to the throne also said that he misses his grandchildren.