Renowned music icon and the celebrated Queen of Rock 'n Roll, Tina Turner, succumbed to a prolonged illness on Wednesday, passing away peacefully at her residence in Küsnacht, near Zurich, Switzerland.

At 83, Turner was a revered figure in the music world and a beacon of inspiration. Her representative, Bernard Doherty, expressed in an official statement: "The world is bidding farewell to a musical giant and a figure of inspiration."

The family and friends of the cherished vocalist have requested space and time to navigate this poignant period of mourning.

Tina's official Facebook page commemorated her, stating, "Her music and her insatiable zest for life mesmerized countless fans globally and sparked the aspirations of future music stars. Today, we part with a cherished friend whose legacy is her music." The heartfelt message added, "Our deepest sympathy extends to her family. Tina, your absence will be profoundly felt."

Turner's illustrious career was marked by her potent vocals, captivating stage presence, iconic legs, and a string of hits including 'The Best,' 'Proud Mary,' and 'Private Dancer.' Her journey to fame was alongside ex-spouse Ike Turner, with their moving song 'River Deep, Mountain High' among others that enthralled fans. Post their separation, Turner's solo career skyrocketed globally.

Turner's legacy continues through her three children and her husband, Erwin Bach. Her former husband Ike Turner passed away in December 2007, his once flourishing career marred by substance abuse and accusations of domestic violence.

Tina Turner's electrifying stage performances often held critics in awe and left audiences clamoring for more. Her concerts consistently received glowing appraisals.

Reflecting on a 1969 concert in Oakland, Ralph J. Gleason, a renowned jazz and pop writer for The San Francisco Chronicle, lauded Tina as "the most sensational professional onstage in contemporary show business."

Gleason described Turner's captivating stage presence, writing, "She is like a whirlwind. With her dance, twist, shake, and sing, she instantly and completely captivates."