Reese Witherspoon, the renowned actress, was recently seen appearing notably thin, only six weeks after revealing the termination of her 12-year marriage with agent Jim Toth. The cause? According to sources close to In Touch, the divorce seems to be taking a significant emotional toll on her.

Witherspoon, 47, was sighted on May 8th taking a brisk walk with her former 'Big Little Lies' co-star Nicole Kidman in Nashville, a sight that pleased fans. “Nicole is obviously helping Reese through the divorce,” observed a fan, emphasizing their continued friendship.

However, not all reactions were positive. Several fans voiced their concerns about Witherspoon's thin appearance. One fan lamented online, "Reese looks ultra-thin," while another suggested, "Reese needs to be out having brunch and drinking mimosas with Nicole instead of exercising."

A source close to the actress confided to In Touch that the strain of her divorce, not excessive exercise, seems to be the primary reason for her sudden weight loss. The source noted, "Her legs look like toothpicks, and her face is sunken. She’s exhausted."

Despite her emotional turmoil, Witherspoon maintained a composed exterior when announcing the divorce. In a jointly crafted statement with Toth, they expressed their mutual respect and love for each other, emphasizing the priority of their son, Tennessee, 10, and their family as they navigate this new phase.

However, as per the source, the reality of her new situation has started to sink in. "The adjustment to being alone and a single mom again set in. The loneliness is very real. She leaned on Jim for support, so balancing life without him is challenging."

In addition, Witherspoon's hectic professional life is reportedly an additional stressor. Known for her industrious work ethic, the Oscar-winning actress is managing acting roles, a multitude of production projects through Hello Sunshine, and her clothing line, Draper James. The source commented on Witherspoon's tendency to overwork, adding, "Reese has been known to spread herself thin," and stressed, "and now more than ever she needs to slow down and take care of herself."