Hunter Biden has successfully sidestepped a contempt of court verdict by revealing records of payments made to his elite legal team. The records were requested by his former partner Lunden Roberts in an ongoing child support dispute, as per the information obtained by

Both parties informed the court that they had resolved their discovery-related issues on the eve of a court hearing. Roberts had previously insisted that Hunter should be incarcerated until he disclosed the specified records.

In 2019, Roberts had initiated a lawsuit against Hunter, alleging that he was the father of her then 4-year-old daughter Navy. A DNA test subsequently confirmed that President Biden’s son was indeed the biological father.

The pair agreed upon a child support settlement in 2020, with Hunter pledging to remit $20,000 monthly to Roberts. However, the following year saw Hunter appeal for a reduction in payments, citing a shift in his financial situation.

Roberts vehemently opposed this request, arguing that Hunter had not fully disclosed all his income streams during the court proceedings. Moreover, she insisted that Hunter possessed the means to afford a high-end defense team, which was indicative of his financial capabilities.

Her motion stated, “The amount of money paid to these attorneys is indicative of the defendant’s income and his ability to pay money for child support.” Roberts specified that Hunter had the capacity to remunerate Abbe Lowell, a prominent Washington DC attorney, at the rate of "$855 per billable hour."

She also highlighted the legal services of Kevin Morris, a distinguished attorney linked with Hollywood figures such as Matthew McConaughey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Scarlett Johansson. Roberts asserted, “such a well-connected, successful attorney, and member of the Hollywood elite, is also indicative of [Hunter’s] influence, prestige, and importance.”

Roberts requested the submission of these payment records to the court, primarily to validate the wide-spread media reports of Hunter receiving a loan from Morris to settle a near $2 million tax liability. She stated that she had evidence that Hunter had not been transparent about his income, residences, and assets.

According to recent court documents obtained by, Roberts indicated that Hunter has now submitted the requested payment details. Both parties reached an agreement that all issues set for the May 23, 2023 hearing had been resolved, thus negating the need for the hearing.

The court was initially set to decide on whether Hunter was in contempt of court and if incarceration was warranted.