In a recent court development, Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden's 4-year-old daughter, Navy, has accused the first son of withholding pertinent financial information and failing to comply with court orders. This comes amid a drawn-out legal battle concerning child support, as per documents has gained access to.

Roberts alleges that despite a court order compelling Biden to disclose his financial records, the information has yet to be furnished. She expressed her disappointment, stating she had "naively trusted" Biden and his legal team would "fully and truthfully answer discovery."

She further accuses Biden of incomplete disclosure, a step she contends is detrimental to their case. As reported earlier, Roberts sued Biden in 2019, seeking paternity verification and child support. A DNA test confirmed that President Biden's son was indeed Navy's father.

Roberts claims that Biden, who has never met Navy, has sought a reduction in his child support payments, citing a decrease in his income since the original agreement. However, Roberts contests this claim, stating that Biden still leads an extravagant lifestyle and has a team of top-tier attorneys representing him in both this case and the ongoing criminal probes against him.

Highlighting the possible manipulation of taxable income, Roberts stated, "Income for tax purposes is not the same as income for child support purposes." She further accuses Biden of providing incomplete discovery answers, despite submitting around 2000 additional documents.

"It's ridiculous to think that we should have to prompt Biden yet again for answers he has failed to provide, even after a protective order was issued compelling him to do so," argued Roberts' lawyer.

Roberts sharply criticized Biden's lack of transparency, describing it as a "classic Biden litigation strategy." According to her, Biden portrays himself as "somewhat financially destitute" while living luxuriously in a Malibu mansion with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, benefiting from Secret Service protection, and traveling abroad frequently.

Comparing the situation to 2016, Roberts stated, "This is eerily similar to when Mr. Biden mismanaged his family's finances, accepted money from foreign 'deals', and withheld discoverable information while living luxuriously near Sunset Boulevard."

In conclusion, Roberts voiced her concern that these games only harm their daughter, as she believes Biden is attempting to evade his financial responsibilities towards her. She has petitioned the judge to consider incarcerating Biden until he fully discloses his financial records.