Tucker Carlson, the erstwhile anchor at Fox News, appears to be readying himself for a battle against his former employer, filled with the need for retribution and backed by a potent mix of resentment and defiance, according to sources close to the situation who spoke to RadarOnline.com.

Carlson, ousted from Fox News where he once held sway, has levied accusations of fraudulent practices and contract violations against the network. Insiders suggest he has enlisted the services of renowned attorney Bryan Freedman to assist with his departure negotiations, and plans to pursue a legal suit against the network. Additionally, Carlson is allegedly readying a news program of his own, determined to directly compete with Fox.

"No one will be spared," an insider divulged. "Carlson's retaliation promises to be unfettered and potentially mortifying for many."

The 54-year-old anchor is reportedly considering rejecting a $25 million severance from Fox News. Instead, insiders claim he's ready to air the network's dirty laundry, portraying himself as a "sacrificial lamb" for Fox’s colossal $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems related to untruths disseminated about the 2020 presidential election.

Carlson is believed to have sought a trove of internal Fox documents, which he intends to use against his past employer. He has also accused the network of making public his private text messages, which showed his disdain for Donald Trump and fellow colleague Chris Wallace and included accusations of dishonesty against Fox boss Rupert Murdoch.

Sources report that Carlson's legal team is working to annul a non-compete clause present in his contract, which currently bars him from working with another news outlet until January 2025. They argue that since Fox News breached the contract, the non-compete stipulation should be deemed invalid.

"Carlson is fully aware of the skeletons in Fox's closet, and he's prepared to bring them out into the light of day in any forthcoming program," said a source. "He's indignant about what he views as a character assassination campaign against him!"

It has been reported that Fox News heavyweights, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, have made attempts to get in touch with Carlson.