Hunter Biden, son of former President Joe Biden, may face worsening legal complications as his child support case advances, according to Jonathan Turley, a renowned legal analyst. His situation has triggered conservative backlash after reports surfaced about him taking a private jet to attend a court hearing.

The case revolves around the child support payments that Hunter Biden makes to Lunden Roberts, the mother of his three-year-old daughter, Navy. A DNA test conducted in 2019 confirmed Hunter Biden as the father. He had agreed to a monthly payment of $20,000, which he now seeks to decrease, causing him to come under the scrutiny of Judge Holly Meyer.

Should the case proceed to trial, Roberts plans to call witnesses including Hunter Biden's business associates and the art dealer handling his paintings' sales, as per a Free Beacon report quoted on Turley's blog.

Elie Honig, former U.S. assistant attorney and CNN legal analyst, echoed Turley's sentiments, suggesting the child support case could pose a legal challenge for Hunter Biden. The challenge escalates due to federal investigations into his business dealings, with Republicans claiming that the Biden family benefited from foreign governments.

Indeed, the GOP-led House Oversight Committee has allegedly unearthed bank records suggesting the involvement of the Biden family in an influence-peddling scheme, primarily involving foreign entities from China and Romania.

Adding fuel to the controversy is the report from the New York Post regarding Hunter Biden's use of a private aircraft to attend a court hearing in Arkansas in late April. The aircraft, owned by his legal advisor, Kevin Morris, reportedly costs between $55,000 and $117,000 per flight. This disclosure, juxtaposed against Hunter Biden's petition for reduced child support payments, has triggered an outcry from conservatives.

As per Newsweek, the journey covered over 7,000 miles from Washington, D.C. to Arkansas, with Hunter Biden returning to Washington post-hearing. The revelation has fueled ongoing conservative-led conspiracy theories regarding his international business dealings and the alleged involvement of President Biden.

The Biden family's alleged financial interactions with foreign governments, particularly Chinese and Romanian corporations, have long been a bone of contention. A memo, allegedly based on thousands of bank records, was released during Joe Biden's vice presidency under the Obama administration. However, it lacked concrete evidence of criminal activity by the president or any family member.

While the legal storm continues to brew around Hunter Biden, whistleblower protocols and protections under federal law could bring about more startling revelations. These could potentially intensify the scrutiny faced by the Biden family, particularly if the child support case moves to trial.