A storm of controversy swirled around Katy Perry following the American Idol season 21 finale, not for her performance but for her audacious outfit choice that struck a discordant note with viewers.

During the episode on Sunday, May 21, Perry stepped into the limelight donning a flamboyantly bedecked orange dress, replete with cutouts, a translucent skirt, and three floral embellishments. With minimalistic hair and makeup, Perry intended to make a bold fashion statement.

Even though the 38-year-old mom was evidently confident in her outfit — she shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself preparing for the evening — audience members didn't share her enthusiasm. Some viewers voiced their opinion that her attire was an ill-suited choice for the show's grand finale.

One viewer on Twitter took issue with Perry's ensemble, claiming it was "inappropriate" for the occasion. Another critic lamented that her dress made her appear "cheap," adding, "you are better than that."

A third person chimed in with a comparison, stating, "The attire looked more fitting for an upscale call girl than the American Idol finale. She really does court drama."

Perry is no stranger to fashion critics. She recently endured similar scrutiny for her choice of attire at King Charles' coronation, where she was not only a guest but also a performer. Her oversized headgear at the event led to an uproar on social media.

One Twitter user humorously noted about Perry's elaborate headpiece, "Great hat, but wouldn't be ideal to be seated behind Katy Perry at Westminster Abbey."

The pop sensation did not seem to let the mockery dampen her spirits. Perry responded to the playful jab with humor, assuring everyone on a subsequent episode of Idol that she found her seat despite the memes suggesting otherwise. She quipped, "You know, the memes are meme-ing and I love it. A fleeting moment caught on camera becomes an internet sensation."

The coronation wasn't just an event for Perry alone; her American Idol co-star Lionel Richie also had a stint performing at the U.K. event. Adding a touch of royal presence to the singing competition, the newly crowned King Charles and Queen Camilla graced the American Idol finale with a pre-recorded video appearance.