Accusations of Alec Baldwin's impolite behavior are causing a stir after a server at the 2023 PEN America Spring Literary Gala last week claimed he rudely called her a 'peasant'.

The server, who wishes to stay anonymous, recounted her unpleasant exchange with the famed actor to a media outlet. She reported that trouble began when Baldwin, attending with his wife Hilaria Baldwin, inadvertently obstructed the servers as dinner service commenced.

Explaining her role, the server shared, "As a sweep leader, my job is to coordinate the waitstaff to serve plates in a precise sequence." She proceeded to elaborate on the situation, "While attempting to serve the head table, I encountered Baldwin engrossed in conversation, thus blocking my path. Respectfully, I informed him about the imminent passage of servers."

She acknowledged Baldwin's intent to socialize but underscored the need to carry out her duties and those of her team.

The server claimed that Baldwin's response to her polite request was less than gracious, responding with a patronizing query about when it would be appropriate to converse with his friends. Taken aback by the heated response from the '30 Rock' star, the server asserted that he seemed “very agitated."

She relayed that in an effort to diffuse the situation, she assured Baldwin he didn't need to explain further, only to be told to "step aside."

Following the confrontation, the server reported that her co-workers alerted her to Baldwin's alleged derogatory comment, in which he supposedly referred to her as a 'peasant'. She was taken aback, stating that she was merely asking him to excuse her politely, and thankfully his discourteous behavior did not rub off on other illustrious guests.

She recounted her interaction with Colin Jost, another notable guest, as being the complete opposite, "I said, 'Excuse me,' to Colin Jost and he was extremely polite about it, immediately apologizing and stepping aside."

Highlighting that the rudeness wasn't necessarily tied to celebrity status, she mused, "Perhaps it's more to do with upbringing or personal character."

Another witness from the gala confirmed Baldwin's alleged discourtesy towards the server, describing it as a "brief" incident that flew under the radar for most attendees.

The server's account of the incident was shared with Page Six.