Michelle Obama was reportedly outraged after discovering her husband, former President Barack Obama, had a private meeting with Caroline Kennedy during their visit to Australia, according to sources, the tabloid Globe claimed. This comes amid long-standing rumors of tension between Michelle and Caroline, who was once said to have been a romantic interest of Barack.

The 59-year-old former First Lady was spotted leaving an upscale restaurant in Sydney with Barack, 61, following the incident. Insiders claim Barack attempted to justify his meeting with Caroline, the U.S. Ambassador to Australia, as strictly business-related. However, Michelle remains skeptical, particularly since Caroline's husband has been largely absent during her time in Australia.

A source explained, "The last thing Michelle needed was to see her man back in close quarters with Caroline. He's spent the last eight years claiming there is nothing between them and then he sneaks off for a private meeting the minute they arrive."

As previously reported, Caroline Kennedy, daughter of President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Onassis, is believed to be living separately from her husband, art dealer Edwin Schlossberg. The couple maintains contact due to shared business interests and their three adult children, but insiders describe their relationship as "a marriage in name only."

Michelle's frustration with Caroline reportedly dates back to 2015 when photos emerged of Caroline and Barack sharing a kiss in Japan. This was followed by an incident in Martha's Vineyard, where Caroline allegedly joined Barack for a romantic stroll on the beach during a Kennedy family vacation, which further angered Michelle.

The Obamas have been known to have heated arguments, and there have even been reports of Michelle seeking legal advice regarding a possible $150 million divorce. However, sources suggest the couple is unlikely to separate, as they both benefit from their powerful partnership.

An insider reveals, "They are working on an arrangement where they can coexist, but at moments like this, it's hard to see how." As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the dynamic between the Obamas and Caroline Kennedy will evolve.