Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not allegedly have any plans to give up ownership of Frogmore Cottage.

Last week, reports swirled that King Charles asked the couple to vacate the premises by June. Sources claimed that this was the monarch’s way of retaliating against Prince Harry and Markle’s shocking allegations against him and the royal family.

King Charles did not also give the Duke and Duchess of Sussex other options as to where they could stay when they are in the United Kingdom. What’s worse, there are whispers that he offered to give the property to Prince Andrew after Prince Harry and Markle move out.

Now, a source for Woman’s Day is saying that Prince Harry and Markle have no plans to back down. And they are already consulting with their lawyers on what they could do. After all, Frogmore Cottage was gifted to them by the late queen.

“Harry and Meghan have proved in the past that they aren’t afraid of court action. They’ll be having lawyers look at whether this eviction is even legal, given they signed a long lease and poured their own money into renovations,” the source said.

As for Prince Andrew, he doesn’t allegedly want to relocate to Frogmore Cottage because it seems like a downgrade compared to his current home, the Royal Lodge.

“Andrew feels it’s entirely unsuitable and he’s determined to hang on to his house. It’s one thing to live with his ex-wife when they have separate wings of the home, but quite another to cram into a cottage together, which may be part of Charles’ plan. He’s never been a fan of Sarah hanging around,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Prince Harry and Markle have plans to hire their lawyer so that they can keep ownership of Frogmore Cottage.

Since the couple no longer works for the royal family and they do not also frequent the United Kingdom, there’s no reason for them to keep Frogmore Cottage even if it was a gift to them.

By the looks of it, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have no other choice but to follow King Charles’ demands because they really can’t do anything about it legally.