Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage is allegedly falling apart and it’s because of the latter’s bossy attitude.

In its March 13 issue, Woman's Day claimed that Affleck is having a hard time keeping up with Lopez’s commandments because they are a lot.

“You might imagine that being married to J.Lo would mean you’re skipping down the street – but that’s not Ben Affleck. He’s what you call a complicated person. He’s always, and I mean always, miserable. And yet she adores him,” the source said.

The source said that Lopez’s obsession with Affleck has turned her into a bossy wife. And this is why Jen’s Commandments first came to be.

One of the couple’s issues allegedly has to do with Affleck’s love for fast food and junk food. Since Lopez is very conscious of what she eats, Affleck’s recent ad for Dunkin Donuts did not sit well with his wife.

On top of this, Lopez has allegedly been preventing Affleck from eating sugary snacks, potatoes, and even a single piece of fried chicken because she doesn’t want him to gain weight.

“Marital bliss? More like marital mayhem. She’s been known to yell at him,” the source said.

This is not the first time that Lopez and Affleck were rumored to be having problems in their marriage. In recent months, there have been claims that Lopez turned into a controlling wife shortly after she wed Affleck.

Affleck, on the other hand, is left with no other choice but to follow Lopez’s orders because he’s worried that she might end up divorcing him.

Last month, the couple also sparked speculations that they could be on the brink of a divorce. After all, they were allegedly spotted fighting on camera during the Grammys.

However, one should take all these claims about Affleck and Lopez with a grain of salt. It’s not true that the couple is in a toxic marriage where one controls the other.

It’s not also true that Affleck and Lopez have been in discussion about their possible divorce. All these claims were just made up by the tabloids because they know how happy the A-listers are with each other.

So, they want to taint the couple’s marriage and make it seem as though their union is falling apart even when it’s not.