Meghan Markle is allegedly pregnant with baby number three.

An unnamed source told Star that Markle and Prince Harry have been trying to have another baby, but they refused to put so much pressure on themselves.

“When the test came back positive, Meghan and Harry went into a state of disbelief. Having another kid naturally was not part of their plan. They’re in love and consider it as a sign from the universe. They are both great parents and with the shock finally wearing off, they’re so excited,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Markle’s third pregnancy has been smooth sailing thus far.

“She’s in great spirits. She’s going about her daily routine. Her skin is glowing and at parties, she was walking around with a glass of wine in her hand without actually drinking anything from it,” the source said.

And since Markle is already in her 40s, her pregnancy is considered geriatric.

“She’s extremely mindful of what she eats and sticks to the freshest organic fruits and vegetables available. She’s also doing yoga and Pilates which keeps her energy levels up,” the source said.

Even though Markle is just a few months pregnant, she and Prince Harry have already shared the happy news with their children Archie and Lilibet.

“They would’ve let the children know in a way they’d understand by reading a story or drawing a picture of a growing family. They’d donate some of their toys to the nursery and Archie would put his hand on Meghan’s belly,” the source said.

And when the time comes that Markle needs to give birth to her third child, she will most likely have the baby at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital again.

“Her experience there was amazing. It was very private and the staff went out of their way to make Meghan and Harry feel comfortable. No one even knew they were there until they’d already left,” the source said.

But as exciting as these stories might sound, there’s absolutely no truth to them. Prince Harry and Markle aren’t expecting a third child. And the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant with her third baby.

In the past, the Duke of Sussex firmly said that he and his wife will stop at two kids. And by the looks of it, he fully intends on keeping this promise.