Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner allegedly took some time before they finally made peace with each other.

And according to Life & Style, reaching a point where they are amicable and even close did not come easy for the A-listers.

After all, both Lopez and Garner have so much love for Ben Affleck that’s why they have always been very protective of him.

“J.Lo got off to a bad start with Jen when she and Ben got back together. Jen’s a very protective and traditional mother, and J.Lo is a strong personality with her own parenting style. There were a lot of tears in the beginning. But they found a way to make peace,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Garner didn’t like how soon Affleck introduced Lopez to their children because if it were only up to her, she wanted the introduction to be made at least six months after the newlyweds got back together.

According to the source, things became even more complicated after Lopez and Affleck moved in together because this meant that Garner’s children would also have to spend a lot of time with their stepmom.

“At first, J.Lo left Ben to deal with his ex but soon she took the bull by the horns and arranged to meet up with Jen – alone – to hash out their differences. Jen thought it was a good idea. They had dinner, talked, and Jen agreed to let the kids move in as well. But they decided they needed some rules,” the source said.

Right now, Lopez and Garner have a wonderful relationship with each other. According to reports, the A-listers set their differences aside for the sake of their children.

The Yes Day actress also allowed her children to move in with Lopez and Affleck. In fact, the Hustlers star shared the happy news with Jimmy Kimmel during her interview.

Lopez and Garner have not been photographed together in public. But there are whispers that they also hang out as a blended family every now and then.

In fact, Lopez and Affleck invited Garner to their wedding in August but she did not attend due to some scheduling conflicts. Luckily, all her three children were there and they also played key roles at Lopez and Affleck’s nuptials.