Jennifer Lopez is allegedly desperate to bring home an Oscar because it’s one award that she hasn’t received despite her years-long career in Hollywood.

According to Heat UK, Lopez is dead set on getting the award or even just a nomination with the help of her husband, Ben Affleck.

Two years ago, Lopez thought that she would finally bring home the award after starring in Hustlers, but she didn’t even get a nomination.

“J-Lo was very sore about missing out on Hustlers. She figured it was a slam-dunk opportunity to get the Best Supporting Actress gong and feels it’s a real travesty of justice that she wasn’t even shortlisted or nominated,” the source said.

The source said that since Lopez can act and sing, she wants to do both to score an Oscar.

“Jennifer’s remaining career ambition is to win an Oscar for acting or singing. Ben is trying to make that come true by potentially getting her to perform the soundtrack for his upcoming movie with Matt Damon,” the source said.

Since the couple tied the knot, Lopez and Damon allegedly made a pact that they will always put each other first. And they have not fallen short of their promise to each other.

“Marriage is and always has been a partnership to J-Lo, and she had goals with her previous partners that she was able to follow through on with their help and support. The situation with Ben is no different and with his new-found power as a producer, he’s perfectly positioned to help her finally realize her goal of achieving an Oscar-winning soundtrack,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Lopez is desperately hoping to bag an Oscar very soon. And it’s also not true that she wants to use Affleck to make her dream a reality.

Lopez can one day bring home an Oscar because she’s talented and dedicated to her craft. And if Affleck wants to support her, he could do so by simply being there for her.

As of late, Lopez and Affleck seem to still be in the honeymoon stage. The couple couldn’t be more thrilled to have been married after waiting two decades before they finally tied the knot.