Prince Harry continues to make headlines as his highly anticipated memoir fastly approaches its release. With the book’s upcoming publication, a royal expert shared some insight into the royal-born Prince’s move to write the material, seemingly hinting at the similarities he shares with his mother, Princess Diana.

Express UK reported that the assertions were from Amanda Matta, who discussed the matter in an interview with “Royally Obsessed.” As noted, she engaged with the title’s hosts, Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito, for an episode of the podcast.

The expert is said to have told the two personalities that with “Spare,” which is the title of the Duke of Sussex’s upcoming memoir, he likely “looks back” at the former Princess of Wales’s “legacy.”

Matta reportedly added that Prince Harry probably sees his mother “telling her own story and writing her own narrative” as the time in which the late royal “was the most powerful.”

The royal expert continued during the exchange that the royal-born Prince’s experiences over the years, along with his relationship with Princess Diana, have become a “place for him to pick up the narrative,” as per the outlet.

Express UK, in its report published Monday, quoted Matta from the engagement, stating, “So, I think for somebody whose life has been shaped by his relationship with his mother and to the trauma that came with losing her and everything that's packaged up with that, the relationship with the press and the rest of his family."

It continues, "I think that's really a powerful place for him to pick up the narrative."

The recent discussions surrounding Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” come after Penguin Random House confirmed the book’s official title and release date.

Harper’s Bazaar shared in a run-down report published in October that the royal-born Prince’s memoir will drop on January 10, 2023, citing The New York Times.

It also noted elsewhere in its piece that the entirety of the proceeds from the sales of “Spare” will go directly to charity, referencing Page Six’s report, published in July 2021.

Meanwhile, a royal commentator deemed the title of the memoir “clever” during a recent engagement with Express UK.

Speaking to the publication, Jonathan Sacerdoti stated that he personally thought it was “a clever title for the publishers.” However, he countered that it was a “sad title” for Prince Harry to have chosen it.

The commentator explained to the outlet that some people will look at it and “wonder if it also describes how he feels in relation to his current relationships going forward outside” of his home country.

He speculated, as well, that it “could be turned around" on the royal as the public “have generally seen Meghan taking center stage.”

Whatever the case, though, Sacerdoti told the publication that the narrative is “about to shift,” with the Duke of Sussex becoming the “center of attention again” when “Spare” comes out.