The public has not reportedly seen much of Prince Harry in recent years. But, a royal commentator believes this will shift when the new season of “The Crown” drops on Netflix and the royal-born Prince’s upcoming memoir, “Spare,” hits the shelves next year.

The statements come as Jonathan Sacerdoti discussed his thoughts about the title of the Duke of Sussex’s memoir with Express UK. While he deemed it “clever,” particularly for the publishers of the material, he said it is a “sad title” for the royal to have chosen, reportedly adding that he “might as well have just called it victim” instead.

The royal commentator also told the publication that some individuals would look at the title of the memoir and “wonder if it also describes how he feels in relation to his current relationships going forward outside of the [United Kingdom].”

Sacerdoti continued to the outlet that Prince Harry has become “something of a bit-part player in the Meghan show,” noting that the public has seen a lot of her in the media, especially in recent years.

But, the expert argued that this narrative “is about to shift” in the next few months.

The outlet quoted the royal commentator, saying, "We have generally seen Meghan taking center stage so the title spare could be turned around on him in relation to that.”

It continues, “I think it's about to shift, he is about to be the center of attention again when 'The Crown' and his memoir come out.”

More than a week has passed since Penguin Random House announced the title and release date of the highly anticipated memoir of Prince Harry. As stated, the book will carry the title, “Spare,” and will drop on January 10, 2023.

In a piece published on October 27, the publisher shared that the material is an “intimate and heartfelt memoir,” adding that it will be translated into 16 languages, including English. It also stated that the audiobook, which is read by the Duke of Sussex himself, will drop on the same day.

Penguin Random House also noted in the same article that the memoir follows moments from Prince Harry's public life for the first time, including the moment he and Prince William walked behind Princess Diana’s coffin in 1997. Moreover, it added that the book is “written with raw, unflinching honesty.”

Meanwhile, the fifth season of “The Crown” will premiere weeks before the release of “Spare.”

Harper’s Bazaar noted in its report, published in October, that the new and upcoming installment picks up from the ‘90s, which it said to be a “very dark decade for the royal family.”

It will drop on November 9 on Netflix.