The Big Bang Theory has not been on air since 2019 and it’s an understatement to say that fans of the hit show miss their beloved characters.

In 2018, the creators of the hit CBS sitcom announced that they will be canceling The Big Bang Theory after its 12th season. And the news came as a shock to fans as it did to Jim Parsons’ co-stars.

After all, Parsons was reportedly the one who decided to leave the show first. And the creators knew that it wouldn’t make sense to continue The Big Bang Theory without Parson’s beloved character, Sheldon.

But during a recent interview, Parsons’ co-star, Johnny Galecki insisted that he thinks the situation could’ve been handled better by Parsons himself.

He said that it would’ve been nicer if Parsons told his co-stars first about his plans to quit The Big Bang Theory instead of getting the news from the creators.

“I was shocked. We were just blindsided that day. And not necessarily shocked by Jim's decision, but that he hadn't had that conversation with his castmates first to prepare us. So yes, it could have been handled better,” he said (via Us Weekly).

Galecki explained that he was not upset with Parsons. In fact, he also agrees with Parsons’ reasons for wanting to exit The Big Bang Theory. He just hopes the conversation between the co-stars took place first.

During his interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2019, Parsons explained that he reached a point where he felt that there was no other direction for Sheldon in the series.

When the sitcom ended, Parsons was already 46 years old. He said that he didn’t know how much longer he could wear his famous red t-shirt considering his age in real life.

After exiting The Big Bang Theory, Parsons went on to voice Sheldon in the spinoff, Young Sheldon. His co-stars completely bowed out of the franchise because they are not included in Young Sheldon.

They have all moved on to their other projects. Kaley Cuoco, who played the role of Penny, stars in the hit HBO Go series, The Flight Attendant. She is also pregnant with her baby girl.

Mayim Bialik, who played the role of Amy, hosted Jeopardy and Call Me Kat.

Melissa Rauch, Galecki, and Simon Helberg also moved on to their other projects.