Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook’s marriage seemed perfect that’s why it was a shock for everyone when the couple announced that they were getting a divorce.

Months later, Cuoco made a strong and firm statement that she would never get married again.

In its May 16 issue, National Enquirer claimed that this was Cuoco’s way of telling her fans that her failed marriage to Cook traumatized her.

After all, there are claims that Cook is trying to go after Cuoco’s earnings from before they tied the knot and while they were still dating. After all, the famed equestrian couldn’t get a single cent from The Big Bang Theory alum because they have a prenuptial agreement.

Now, a source claimed that Cuoco is also scared to fall in love. After all, if she thinks she’s met the right person, there’s no doubting that she would be open to tying the knot again.

“It’s not just marriage she’s down on. The way she feels now, she never wants to fall in love again. She’s had it with dating, even though guys are throwing themselves at her. She wants nothing to do with them. She wants to focus on work,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Cuoco has been having private conversations with her friends. And she has been telling everyone how her divorce from Cook affected her down to her core.

“Privately, she’s confessed to friends she doesn’t even feel sexy or attractive anymore. She can’t even contemplate getting intimate and worries she’ll never be the same. Her friends tell her that’s her depression talking and things will get better, but Kaley’s not so sure,” the source said.

The Flight Attendant actress also revealed recently that she has been going to therapy after suffering a nervous breakdown. Cuoco said that her therapist told her that the incident was entirely emotional.

Cuoco’s recent revelation proved that the actress is indeed struggling. But this doesn’t mean that she’s scared to fall in love. In fact, there are reports that she has already found love.

According to Us Weekly, Cuoco is dating Ozark actor Tom Pelphrey. The couple even paid touching tributes to each other on their respective social media accounts.

In his post, Pelphrey suggested that he and Cuoco saved each other.