“If The World Was Ending” singers Julia Michaels and JP Saxe have called it quits.

Multiple sources, who are said to be close to the two singer-songwriters, confirmed the relationship status to People. As stated, they have broken up after about three years of dating, although no other details were given regarding the split.

The magazine also reached out to the two artists’ respective reps. But, as noted, they did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Julia Michaels and JP Saxe first sparked breakup rumors and speculations earlier this month. It came after they shared posts on social media, seemingly alluding to the talks about their relationship.

People noted that the posts feature unreleased songs with lyrics referencing “romantic turbulence.”

The 29-year-old Canadian musician made the first social media update on September 9. He posted a video of himself playing guitar and singing a new song titled, “When You Think Of Me.”

The magazine quoted the lyrics, writing, “When you think of me/ Are you setting fire to every memory?/ Do you believe what doesn’t last forever don’t mean anything?”

It continues, “Cause I swear I loved you fully/ And I’m sorry not for staying who we thought I’d be. When you think of me, am I just another man who leaves?”

The following day, Julia Michaels is said to have posted a series of lyrics, which seemed to be a response to JP Saxe’s post.

The magazine noted that the artist posted it on her Instagram Stories, and a fan shared a screenshot of it on TikTok.

It reportedly reads, “You’re just another man/ And this is just another doorway/ Using promises like they’re some kind of twisted fore play.”

“You keep saying that you’re staying/ When we both know that’s not your forte.”

The two artists continued to make a series of posts in the days that followed.

Last week, JP Saxe shared the lyrics to the second verse of “When You Think Of Me” on Instagram. During the same period, Julia Michaels posted a video of herself playing the song she previously published and captioned it with “Assh***s live forever.”

On Wednesday, fans saw two more social media updates from the two artists in relation to the songs. These all appear to have fueled the speculations further that they have broken up.

Saxe and Michaels began their relationship after collaborating on their 2019 hit “If The World Was Ending.” They worked together again on two more tracks for the latter’s “No In Chronological Order” album two years later, according to Us Weekly.