Selma Blair opened up about her “heartfelt” performance at the premiere of “Dancing With The Stars.” It comes after she ditched her cane and stole the spotlight, bringing tears to viewers and other participants.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight following the performance, the 50-year-old celebrity stated that handing off her cane and leaning on her partner, Sasha Farber, “means everything.” She noted that she is a “vulnerable person now,” adding that she never thought she would be able to dance with both her feet.

The “Legally Blonde” actress continued that it “means so much to be able to lean on someone for [her] balance,” reportedly crediting Farber with providing a sense of stability both physically and emotionally.

The outlet later quoted Selma Blair, saying, “It is such a joy and I hope that we can all see that we can do things out of our comfort zone and it might not look like everybody else, but it is still an incredible feeling.”

Blair and Farber placed third during the premiere of “Dancing With The Stars” Season 31. The pair earned 27 points following their emotional performance.

E! News said the two personalities danced the Viennese waltz to the “Time of My Life” by David Cook. The moment is noted to have brought many in the ballroom to tears, including fellow contestant Jordin Sparks and judge Carrie Ann.

The publication also stated that Selma Blair herself shed tears while receiving the scores. She reportedly said, “I’m so grateful” as they scored 7s across the board.

Elsewhere in the engagement with ET, the “Sweetest Thing” star gushed about her performance and current activities. She told the outlet that “it was incredible” as “this was a time of learning” to build her stamina.

Blair shared that she was “doing great” in recovery following a stem cell transplant of bone marrow. But, she said she realized she was “kind of going backwards a little bit” as she was not getting herself moving much, so she decided to work on it and build her stamina.

In the end, the “Cruel Intentions” actress asserted that she is going to “learn to settle into just gratitude and being kind” to herself. She explained that it is because “everyone has been so kind to [her],” adding that it “feels so good to move” and “gain strength,”

She concluded, “I’m just truly, truly grateful and enjoying this so much.”

Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018. She underwent a stem cell treatment to restart her immune system prior to the release of her 2021 documentary, “Introducing, Selma Blair,” which follows her medical journey, according to CNN.