Arnold Schwarzenegger is allegedly thinking about whether now is the best time for him to wed his longtime lover, Heather Milligan.

In its Sept. 19 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Schwarzenegger and Milligan have been dating for approximately nine years. But Schwarzenegger is still unsure whether tying the knot is the right move for them at this age.

“Heather has been with Arnold for nine years, and she feels she’s been patient and waited long enough. Arnold had the built-in excuse he was still legally married, but he can’t rely on that any longer. Yet, he’s still hemming and hawing – and Heather has told him the clock is ticking,” the source said.

The source added that if Schwarzenegger keeps refusing to wed Milligan, he could end up single for the rest of his life.

“Arnold knows it’s his fault his marriage failed. That cost him $200 million, and he knows at his age, he isn’t going to make that money back. He doesn’t want to take another financial bath if things go south,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no indication that Milligan and her friends have been urging Schwarzenegger to tie the knot with his girlfriend of nine years.

And if she is, it’s unlikely for Schwarzenegger to have doubts because they have already been together for nine years and must both be ready to settle down.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger also made headlines recently amid reports that his ex-wife once credited Donald Trump for helping her bring a huge change in their kids’ lives.

“Donald Trump has unleashed something that few other politicians have been able to do. He did something in my own home that I, as a parent, wasn’t really successful at doing,” she said.

According to Essentially Sports, Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife seemingly disagreed over Trump. After all, the former has always been a known critic of the ex-POTUS. So, it’s possible that this is also one of the issues that they were forced to deal with during the span of their marriage.

However, all these claims are just based on speculations. No one knows for sure what the exes fought about when they were still together. And no one also knows whether he and Milligan are thinking about marriage now.