Prince Charles, Prince William, and other UK royal family members are rushing to be with Queen Elizabeth as concerns over the Queen’s health mounted on Thursday after Buckingham Palace said the 96-year-old monarch’s doctors are “concerned for Her Majesty’s health,” and had decided to place her under medical supervision.

“Following further evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision. The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral,” the palace said in a statement.

BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said there have been “rumors of cancers” in recent speculation over her Majesty’s health but no confirmation.

Royal Family Members Rush To Be With Queen Elizabeth On Thursday

Royal officials confirmed that Heir apparent Prince Charles had already traveled to see his mother in her Scottish estate, and Prince William was on his way, too.

“The Earl and Countess of Wessex [Prince Edward and wife Sophie] are traveling to Balmoral. The Princess Royal [Princess Anne] is already there, having been undertaking engagements in Scotland,” an official source confirmed.

ITV NEWS Royal Editor Chris Ship said on Twitter, "Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are traveling to Balmoral Castle. They were supposed to be doing a charity event in London this evening."
"All the Queen’s four children are now with her at Balmoral Castle. Along with her grandson, the Duke of Cambridge. This is a serious situation. " Chris Ship also confirmed.  

Prince Charles, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis Have Been Visiting Queen Elizabeth Regularly Amid Monarch’s Health Fears

Prince Charles and his three grandchildren with Prince William and Kate Middleton are regular visitors to Queen Elizabeth amid alleged health fears.

Earlier this week, the monarch was photographed with a huge bruise on her hand as she was exchanging pleasantries with the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss. 

During an interview, royal editor Russell Myers said that the queen's bruised hand is causing royal fans to worry. And they should be because when this is linked to the monarch's decreased mobility issue, her health could be in danger. 

"Well, again the Queen is 96. And she’s on her summer holiday at the moment. And you know, everyone would wish her well. She’s got a few of her feet up, a bit of rest and recuperation after a packed summer. But you know, of course, it’s going to take a strain on her. We haven't seen her since July 21, which is slightly worrying. I am told that these episodic mobility problems are increasing, unfortunately. However, on Tuesday, she’s welcoming a new Prime Minister here in the UK, so fingers crossed we’ll get to see her then," he said (via Express). 

Since the queen's health has allegedly been deteriorating, her family has been making sure that they would keep her company during her final moments. 

The queen's regular visitors allegedly include Prince Charles and her great-grandchildren with Prince William and Kate Middleton 

New Idea claimed that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have been keeping their great-grandmother company, especially now that they live closer to her.

The Cambridges recently relocated to Adelaide Cottage. So, Prince William and Middleton are just a stone’s throw away from the monarch’s home at Windsor Castle.

“The Cambridge kids have been there for much of the summer and she adores watching them at play, especially little Prince Louis, who is a real character. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have also taken their babies, Sienna and August, for a visit this summer. The queen’s family has had its ups and downs, but she’s so proud of the dynasty she’s created,” the source said.

Other than the queen’s great-grandchildren, she has also been getting regular visits from her eldest son, Prince Charles.

While it is possible for the royals to have been visiting the queen more regularly, it’s simply because they want to spend time with her and not because her health is deteriorating.

As of late, the only news about the queen’s health that came straight from the palace had to do with her decreased mobility. Other than this, Her Majesty seems to be doing fine.

However, she also made headlines recently amid reports that her bruised hand is proving to be worrisome not just for her family but also for health experts and doctors.

After all, bruising on the hand could be caused by the queen’s blood cancer or leukemia. Or it can also be due to the fact that her blood no longer circulates properly.

However, all these things are just based on speculations. There’s no indication that the queen is at risk.