The Duchess of Sussex also threw shade at the royal family for urging her to return to her engagement even after her son Archie’s nursery caught on fire while they were in Africa.

“Meghan is clearly using anything she can to get people to feel sorry for her and to backstab Harry’s family. This is another low-blow attack against the royals Meghan clearly hates. The Sussexes need to go away and get on with the royal-free life they craved in their $14 million California mansion. Frankly, we’re tired of hearing from them,” the source told National Enquirer

In the second episode of Archetypes, Markle spoke with Mariah Carey about the term “diva.” Throughout her short time with the royal family, Prince Harry’s wife was dubbed a diva on multiple occasions.

But Carey explained to Markle that there could be positive reasons why someone is called a diva. And according to sources, the remarks initially upset Markle. But after Carey explained what she meant by what she said, the Duchess of Sussex seemingly understood.

Still, it has become common knowledge that everything that Markle says and does is always interpreted negatively by those that dislike her. It’s unclear if it was really her intention to shade the royal family with her story or if she was merely narrating what transpired back in Africa.

Royal fans can expect to hear more stories just like what Markle shared with the public recently. And this shouldn’t surprise them because she now has a platform to do so.

In fact, the teaser of Archetypes also showed Markle telling listeners that they would get to hear a different side of her – the side that not many people know about and the unfiltered version of herself that is no longer restricted by royal rules.

Markle quit her royal duties after just a couple of years because of the backlash that she and her husband constantly received. But even though she’s no longer working for the royal family, she still gets bashed by the public. It seems she knows how to handle these types of situations better these days.