Britain's Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip was allegedly the one who ordered a hit on Princess Diana 25 years ago.

In its Sept. 12 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Prince Philip wanted Princess Diana gone following the latter’s divorce from Prince Charles. After all, the end of the future king’s marriage was a disgrace for the royal family.

A source claimed that after Princess Diana passed away, the royal family made sure that some information with regards to her passing wouldn’t be released to the public.

“Diana communicated her fears about being marked for murder in writing, but no one in authority listened. This smacks of a deliberate cover-up by law enforcement orchestrated by the highest level of the royal family. The finger is pointed squarely at Prince Philip, who was publicly accused of ordering a hit on Diana after she and Prince Charles divorced amid very public cheating scandals,” the source said.

When Princess Diana was still alive, she reportedly expressed her worries that someone might tamper with the brakes of her car. It’s unclear where she got the idea from but that’s exactly what happened to her.

Unfortunately, the mystery surrounding the Princess of Wales’ passing may never be resolved because she is no longer around to serve as a witness.

“So many questions remain. Why didn’t Scotland Yard turn over the details of Diana’s death fears? Who was responsible? Who had the most to gain by the note staying secret? The truth about Diana’s death may never be known and will haunt her sons forever,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no proof that Prince Philip wanted Princess Diana dead.

And there’s also no indication that a member of the royal family plotted to have her killed while she was vacationing in Paris.

Even though Princess Diana wasn’t on good terms with the royal family ahead of her passing, her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry were well-loved by their relatives.

So, it’s unlikely for the royals to want to get rid of Princess Diana because they know that this would break Prince William and Prince Harry’s hearts.

In fact, the brothers have been vocal about their struggles following their mom’s death. And they both revealed that it took them years to finally come to terms with the loss.