Brad Pitt allegedly started losing friends shortly after photos of Angelina Jolie with bruises all over her body surfaced online.

According to National Enquirer, hundreds of A-listers initially thought that Jolie is the evil witch and the bad person in her divorce from Pitt. But the photos of the Maleficent star with bruises all over her body might have proved them wrong.

Now, there are whispers that Pitt could be the bad guy after all. And those that previously expressed their support for the Ad Astra actor are keeping their distance from him.

“Brad insisted from the get-go she’s the evil witch who’s soaked him for money and that the fight on the plane wasn’t as bad as she made it out. But the images and details in this report are truly shocking. It’s caused a lot of talk among the folks who were previously siding with Brad,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Pitt is worried that the leaked photos would take a toll on his career. He recently appeared in the Bullet Train, and the project proved to be a huge hit.

However, it’s only a matter of time before the dad of six loses projects left and right if the photos of a bruised Jolie would be proven to be Pitt’s doing.

Meanwhile, Pitt and Jolie have also been making headlines amid their ongoing custody battle. Even though six years have passed since they announced their divorce, the exes are still struggling to reach an agreement.

Pitt has been asking for joint physical custody of his children, but Jolie wants full custody of the kids because she’s worried about her ex-husband’s behavior.

Prior to their divorce, a drunk Pitt allegedly got into an altercation with the actress while they were on the plane. Things took a turn for the worse after Pitt dragged Jolie towards the back of the plane so that their children wouldn’t see them fighting.

However, their eldest son, Maddox saw the entire thing unfold. And he decided to fight back against Pitt. However, this only upset the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor even more.

Following the incident, Jolie filed a complaint against Pitt with the FBI. But after interviewing the actor, they decided to drop the charges because they didn’t have a strong case against him.