Meghan Markle is allegedly doing everything that she can to get on Queen Elizabeth’s good side because she is aware that Archetypes might have hit a nerve at the palace.

According to a source for Heat UK, Markle is trying to turn on the charm after revealing that the royal family forced her to carry on with her royal duties even after she informed that Archie’s nursery caught on fire.

“They’re doing damage control. Meghan knows she can turn on the charm when she has to. They’re sending gifts, family photos, and supportive messages to the queen. Harry wants to enjoy as much time with his grandmother as possible, but it’s also about softening up the rest of the family, so they’ll go easy on him and Meghan during their stay,” the source said.

The source said that the Duke of Sussex is the one who’s desperate to be on good terms with the royal family. After all, he misses them so much and the last thing that he wants to happen is for the queen to freeze him out for good.

Following the release of the first episode of Archetypes, royal fans weighed in on what they heard from the Duchess of Sussex, and their reactions differed from one another.

Some royal fans praised Markle for her honesty and candidness. But some people also accused her of being tone-deaf.

But regardless of the mixed reviews that Markle received, the source claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton could be thawing their relationship with the Sussexes soon.

“It’s a slow burn, especially for William. He’s still reserving judgment but is cautiously optimistic that time will heal these wounds. Wills and Prince Charles just want to put the ugliness behind them and if Harry is finally done throwing grenades at the family then that’s progress,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no proof that Prince Harry and Markle have been trying to charm their way back into the royal fold.

And it doesn’t also make sense for the royal family to suddenly be so welcoming of the couple just because they have been sending them gifts and cards.

There’s also no proof that Prince William and Middleton have decided to repair their relationship with the Sussexes.