Olivia Newton-John allegedly carried one of her biggest secrets to the grave, and it involves her Grease co-star, John Travolta.

According to Globe, Newton-John secretly carried a torch for Travolta. Unfortunately, she never had the chance to act on her feelings for the actor because of their respective relationships. 

“The Grease screen sweethearts had the same passion for each other in real life – but the timing was never right,” the source said.

Outside of their project together, Newton-John and Travolta also stayed good friends. In fact, the former helped the latter navigate through his grief following the demise of his wife, Kelly Preston.

Years ago, Travolta was also one of the first people to learn about Newton-John’s breast cancer diagnosis. And he also showed his co-star some love and support. 

There are also claims that Travolta supported Newton-John through all her divorces and breakups, but they never had the opportunity to be together romantically.

“Olivia and John’s combined tragedies continued to make them as close as two people could be without being lovers,” the source said. 

Following Newton-John’s death, Travolta made sure to pay tribute to his former co-star. He also professed his love for the late actress.

However, this doesn’t mean that Travolta and Newton-John had feelings for each other or that they were ever in love in the first place. After all, if they really had feelings for each other, they could’ve done something to make their relationship official.

But the fact that they didn’t mean that the claims made by the tabloid were not true. 

It’s not also unusual for Travolta and Newton-John to show their support for each other because they are good friends. This isn’t also a big deal because this is not uncommon among friends. But this doesn’t also mean that they supported each other because they had feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, Travolta also made headlines recently amid claims that he and Tom Cruise have been feuding with each other. Since both of them are members of Scientology, Travolta allegedly wants to be the poster child for the religion.

However, Cruise wouldn’t budge because he’s currently the religion’s poster child. And he believes that he’s much better at promoting the religion to other celebrities and high-profile individuals.

But just like the rumors regarding Newton-John and Travolta, this one is unfounded as well.