Bruce Willis is suffering from a life-threatening disease called aphasia. And his family and friends are rallying behind him.

Speculations are rife that some of Willis’ friends have become more involved with his illness than others. More specifically, the likes of John Travolta allegedly want to do everything that they can to help.

A source revealed that Travolta believes that Scientology can cure Willis’ illness. And the first step is for the Ghost actor to become a member of the controversial religion.

“John is convinced he can use the powers he’s acquired as a Scientologist to rid Bruce of his illness. He is convinced he can heal by just laying one finger on never channels,” the source told National Enquirer, in its June 20 issue.

Prior to this, there were also reports claiming that Travolta has the power to heal other people. In fact, the actor himself revealed that he learned how to heal others by transferring his spirit and power to them.

And one person, who was allegedly healed by the actor, also came forward to share his experience.

“The staff at the emergency room told me I’d be off work for four to six weeks. Then John put his hands on the ankle for a while, did some kind of massage thing on it – and I was back at work in three days,” the patient said.

But Travolta isn’t the only Scientologist and actor who believes that he has the gift of healing. Tom Cruise also claimed that he can cure people who are sick.

As such, Travolta wants to exert all the effort that he can put into trying to cure Willis. And if he doesn’t succeed, he might even ask for Cruise’s help.

“John really cares about Bruce and is convinced Scientology could help him. And Bruce is so desperate he’s considering the offer,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no proof that Travolta can really heal people. It’s possible that his healing hands are to be taken symbolically and not literally.

It is also important to note that Willis’ family and friends previously released a statement announcing his retirement from acting.

At the time, they also said that there’s no cure for aphasia that’s why they just want the actor to live a happy and full life.