Johnny Depp previously announced that he will no longer work with Disney after the company axed him from The Pirates of the Caribbean.

But in its June 20 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Depp’s friends are convinced that the actor could return to the franchise as early next year.

A source claimed that Depp could have a change of heart for as long as Disney would issue a public apology. After all, the company seemingly sided with Amber Heard after the latter accused Depp of domestic violence and assault.

The insider also claimed that Depp is demanding a much bigger paycheck from Disney if they want him to reprise his role as Jack Sparrow. He allegedly thinks he deserves the increase after winning his defamation lawsuit.

Johnny feels properly vindicated by the result. Those around him think he’ll reboot his career and be back playing Captain Jack Sparrow by this time next year,” the source said.

Celebrity lawyer Raoul Felder told the tabloid that he wasn’t surprised that Depp won against Heard.

“He and his legal team appeared to have the winning hand from the outset. Not only did they win over the jury, but they won in the court of public opinion too. It’s hard to beat something like that,” he said.

But even though Depp feels vindicated following his highly-anticipated win, this still doesn’t confirm his return to Disney’s The Pirates of the Caribbean.

In fact, during his cross-examination, his attorney asked him if he has any plans to return to the franchise and if they will offer him millions. And Depp said that he will never work with Disney again.

Meanwhile, even though fans may never see Depp reprise his role as Jack Sparrow again, it’s only a matter of time before they see their idol on the big screen.

Sources are convinced that Depp would receive movie projects left and right following his win.

And as for Heard, her role as Mera in Aquaman is reportedly in danger of being axed. Rumor has it that Mera would be played by Heard’s double but nothing has been finalized yet.

For now, Heard will still be part of Aquaman. But the actress also confirmed during the trial that her appearances in the movie were lessened amid the domestic violence scandal.