Meghan Markle didn’t reportedly visit her dad, Thomas Markle, at the hospital last month.

According to National Enquirer, Markle opted to fly to England to attend the queen’s Platinum Jubilee instead of visiting her dad for a few days.

The Duchess of Sussex also paid respect to the victims of the Uvalde mass shooting just days after Thomas was rushed to a hospital in New Mexico.

“Meghan refused to see her estranged father. She could have driven to be at his side three hours – but didn’t,” the source said.

Markle’s half-siblings have also spoken out to criticize her because she still refused to see her dad even though it’s possible that he suffered a heart attack.

“There has been no contact. His phone number hasn’t changed. Even though he can’t speak, she could text him and he would text back. He has been through so much. Meghan, stop watching and doing nothing,” Samantha Markle said.

Thomas Markle Jr. also weighed in and said that what Markle has been doing is wrong because it’s the most insensitive and inconsiderate thing he has ever seen.

Markle has not seen her dad since 2017, which was around the time that she got engaged to Prince Harry. Initially, Thomas was invited to the couple’s royal wedding but after he posed for a series of fake photos, the Sussexes decided to cut ties with him.

Thomas later apologized for what he did. But he still didn’t make it to Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding because he suffered a stroke.

Unfortunately, Markle hasn’t repaired her relationship with her dad for fear that he would talk to the media and share details about their conversations.

Thomas previously did this when he shared photos of Markle’s handwritten letters with him. However, critics of the Duchess of Sussex claimed that Markle knew that there was a chance that the letters would be made public that’s why she wrote nicely.

As of late, there’s no proof that Markle purposely snubbed her dad. It is important to note that she and Prince Harry already confirmed their attendance at the Platinum Jubilee before Thomas was rushed to the hospital.

In fact, Thomas even said that he had plans to go to the United Kingdom and celebrate with the royal family from a far. And if given the opportunity, he would also want to speak to the queen.