Johnny Depp and his lawyer, Camille Vasquez have been sparking rumors that they are dating.

New rumors continue to link the two even though their relationship has been nothing but professional. Prior to a report made by Life & Style, TMZ already confirmed that Depp and Vasquez are not dating. 

Still, an unnamed source insisted that Depp and Vasquez’s body language was a real giveaway. After all, their chemistry is allegedly through the roof when they're with each other. 

“The extra long hugs, the winks, and flirty smiles are just a few signs that something is at play here. Who knows what could happen in the future? They definitely seem to be into each other,” the source said.

Last month, TMZ claimed that Vasquez refused to respond to the rumors that she and Depp could be dating. However, the publication also confirmed that the relationship between the two is strictly professional.

Even though fans have reason to believe that there’s something going on between Depp and Vasquez because they are quite affectionate with each other, it is important to note that Amber Heard has done a similar thing with her lawyer.

It seems that fans are the only ones hoping for Depp and Vasquez to date because they obviously have chemistry. During the trial, the duo made headlines after Vasquez stole Depp’s candy but had to spit it out because the judge called her.

Unfortunately for the fans, they will be disappointed to know that Vasquez is in a relationship with Edward Owen, who works at WeWork.

As for Depp, The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is still single. But he’s also being linked to his ex-girlfriend, Kate Moss after the latter testified in his defamation lawsuit.

Moss denied Heard’s claim that Depp pushed her down the stairs while they were staying at a hotel. Instead, she said that she fell and Depp immediately came to her rescue.

But previous reports revealed that authorities found Moss and Depp sitting inside their hotel room that was trashed. Depp also offered to pay for everything that they destroyed.

Even if this was the case, Moss and Depp insisted that what happened years ago was an accident and that the latter never assaulted the former.

Following her testimony, fans of Moss and Depp urged them to consider dating. After all, they are convinced that the model showed her support for the actor because she still has feelings for him.