Terri Irwin and John Travolta have allegedly become fast friends.

A source told New Idea that the two were introduced to each other by their common friend, Olivia Newton-John.

Following the deaths of Travolta’s loved ones, Irwin decided to invite him and his remaining children to visit Australia Zoo. The insider claimed that Travolta immediately said yes because it’s been years since his kids visited the continent, but they still have memories to remember their previous trip by.

“That was a really special trip to Australia, as it was one of their last family holidays before Kelly passed away. The kids, and John, loved cuddling up to Koalas and meeting all the furry friends at Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park,” the source said.

The source also claimed that when it comes to Irwin and Travolta, it’s obvious that they look out for each other. In fact, the actor is impressed with how brave Irwin was for raising two young kids following the death of her husband, Steve Irwin.

And even though life may not always be easy, Irwin still opted to stay single so that she could dedicate her life to her kids. Just like Irwin, Travolta is also raising his two kids on his own.

“That’s the biggest thing they have in common is that the kids always come first. John and Terri should be proud of what they’ve done for those kids. He’s excited about finally seeing the zoo, but more than that, getting to see Bindi again and meeting her daughter, Grace. Bindi was so young when she first met John after he gave that speech at the G’day gala, so she can’t wait to show John, Ella, and Ben around the zoo,” the source said.

Travolta’s children are also excited about visiting the zoo and reuniting with the Irwins.

As of late, there’s no proof that Travolta is planning to visit the Down Under with his two children. And there’s also no proof that he’s good friends with Irwin and that he’s close to her kids.

It is highly likely for the tabloid to have just created this storyline to make it seem as though there’s something special going on between Irwin and Travolta.

But at the end of the day, the only thing they have in common is they lost their spouses too soon.