Prince Harry will soon release his highly-anticipated memoir, but there are some fears within the royal family that he would target his stepmom, Camilla Parker Bowles.

While speaking with New Idea, royal commentator Phil Dampier said that even though decades have already passed, there’s no denying the fact that Prince William and Prince Harry were devastated over their parents’ divorce. And there’s no denying the fact that Camilla had a huge contribution to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s split.

“Harry and William were equally devastated by their parents’ divorce and Diana’s death. The fear is that deep down Harry has never truly forgiven Camilla for being Charles’ mistress and then wife. As he grows older, Harry seems to see himself as his mom’s defender. I’m sure he will settle a lot of old scores in the book,” Dampier said.

The royal commentator also claimed that Meghan Markle is encouraging Prince Harry to his memoir as the perfect venue for him to express his deepest and most painful thoughts and issues. After all, this is what’s best for his mental health.

“Camilla is quite a strong character and took a lot of stick for many years but has got through it. However, the book is not going to help matters with his father and brother,” he said.

Dampier isn’t the only royal expert who’s convinced that Prince Harry would attack Camilla in his memoir.

In March, royal expert Angela Levin said that there’s a huge possibility that Prince Harry would write about the Duchess of Cornwall in his memoir.

“Harry’s memoir is coming out at the end of the year. Anyone who is anyone is saying it’s going to attack Camilla and make her responsible for [his] mental health and how she stole his father from his mother,” she said (via The Sun).

In April, National Enquirer claimed that Prince Harry and Camilla never really got along. In fact, the former blames the latter for all the bad things that happened to him.

“Make no mistake, Camilla is in Harry’s crosshairs. He blames her for everything bad that’s happened in his life – from being the other woman in his parents’ divorce to the death of his beloved mother, Princess Diana in a Paris car crash,” the source said.

As of late, no one knows what stories Prince Harry would include in his memoir.