David Hasselhoff is allegedly worried about looking old so he’s doing everything that he can to stop the hands of time.

An unnamed source told Globe that Hasselhoff recently underwent a series of cosmetic procedures to keep his face as young looking as ever.

The actor previously made headlines after a video of himself eating a cheeseburger while he is heavily intoxicated surfaced online. But after the embarrassing incident, Hasselhoff committed to taking better care of himself.

“Since then, David has been good about sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime, but this surgery overhaul was the icing on the cake,” the source said.

The tabloid also spoke to a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills who has never treated the actor.

Dr. Robert H. Cohen is convinced that he has gone under the knife that’s why his skin is still very tight.

“His jawline is tight as a drum skin and his cheekbones are more pronounced. He clearly had some fillers and Botox too because he has few lines and wrinkles going on,” Cohen said.

The plastic surgeon also claimed that Hasselhoff may have also had a facelift and facial lasers to improve the texture of his skin.

“Facial lasers for skin texture and tone, some filler, possibly Sculptra that stimulates the body’s production of collagen. Right now, David is feeling like a new man. He’s always considered himself a real stud, only now he’s got to work a lot harder to keep up,” the source said.

As of late, there’s no proof that Hasselhoff has been getting different facial and skin treatments so that he could stop the clock from ticking.

However, it is also not unusual for personalities like him to go to different lengths just so they would always look their best. After all, they appear on TV shows and movies.

Still, it is important to note that the tabloid is just speculating about Hasselhoff because they never spoke to him to ask him what procedures he has undergone.

In fact, the same tabloid is known for creating storylines about celebrities getting cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery.

For instance, they just alleged that Jane Fonda is also trying to stop the hands of time now that she’s 84 years old that’s why the actress has been getting all sorts of surgeries.