Adele has allegedly become obsessed with her public image ever since she lost a considerable amount of weight.

In its Aug. 5 issue, Life & Style claimed that the British singer always wants to look her best. And when she realized that she cannot look as perfect as the models, she decided to turn to plastic surgery.

“She’s become obsessed with her image and has had a lot of work done. Some people claim Adele’s even addicted to plastic surgery. She’s constantly researching the latest procedures online,” the source said.

The insider is also speculating on the possibility that Adele has had some considerable changes done to her face. After all, the singer’s nose looks so much thinner than before.

Adele’s lips also allegedly look more enhanced than usual, which means she could have gotten injectable fillers.

An unnamed plastic surgeon also shared their thoughts regarding Adele’s alleged plastic surgery spree.

“I suspect that she may have undergone Botox injections to her forehead and frown lines as well, as these areas look unnaturally smooth and wrinkle-free. Overall, Adele looks great,” the source said.

However, Adele’s boyfriend, Rich Paul isn’t allegedly on the same page. After all, the millionaire thinks that the singer has been getting too many enhancements for her own good. Not to mention, Adele has also been spending a huge sum of her earnings on her treatments.

According to the source, Paul already warned his girlfriend to tone down her procedures. After all, he doesn’t want to date a Hollywood Barbie doll. And he also loves Adele just the way she is.

As of late, there’s no proof that Adele has been going under the knife and getting plastic surgery.

The singer looks slimmer and more pointed because she lost a considerable amount of weight. In fact, Adele recently shared that it took her two years to get rid of her unwanted pounds naturally.

And she wouldn’t be able to achieve her desired weight without the help of her trainers and nutritionists who guided her as she was changing her lifestyle.

It’s not also true that Paul doesn’t want Adele to get plastic surgery. If this is what the singer wants to do then it’s highly likely that he would support her.

But for now, there’s no indication that Adele has been going under the knife.