Jimmy Fallon is allegedly desperate to boost the ratings of his talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon after the numbers plummeted in recent months.

A source told Globe that Fallon was thrilled when the ratings of his talk show picked up during the pandemic. At the time, most people were just staying at home so they tuned in to his program.

But after things got back to normal, the ratings for The Tonight Show dropped considerably. And this is allegedly stressing Fallon out.

“The problem is Jimmy wasn’t able to convert the love and attention poured on him during his homemade shows during the pandemic into a long-term rating boost. He’s back to chasing his main rival, Stephen Colbert while also dealing with very popular new competition, Gutfeld, which basically came out of nowhere and stole a ton of viewers,” the source said.

The source added that Fallon lost a considerable number of followers after he urged his fans to support his NFT. Unfortunately, they didn’t and a lot of them allegedly expressed that they have no time or space for Fallon’s junk.

But this is not all. Amid worries over the ratings, The Tonight Show also hired a new executive producer in March. Chris Miller is tasked to oversee the production and content of Fallon’s show because there are alleged fears that if the ratings do not pick up, The Tonight Show will be canceled for good.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no proof that Fallon is worried about the ratings of The Tonight Show. And it’s not also true that the program could get canceled if the ratings do not improve.

Meanwhile, Fallon previously made headlines amid claims that his marriage to Nancy Juvonen is on the rocks because he was caught flirting with Ariana Grande.

Even though the rumors were baseless, some fans were still convinced that Fallon and Grande shared a special connection with them. After all, TikTok user Dear Janel hinted at Fallon flirting with a mystery woman and everyone put two and two together and assumed that he was talking about the singer.

However, several months have already passed since the rumors first made headlines but nothing has been proven as of late. This means that the story was just made up.