Madonna’s children are allegedly ashamed of what she’s been doing especially since she’s already in her 60s.

In its Nov. 1 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Lourdes Leon, 24, and Rocco Ritchie, 21 are mortified of what their mom has been doing.

“They can’t understand why her behavior needs to be so hyper and gratuitous. She’s constantly looking for a way to push the envelope, and the kids worry among themselves about where it’s all going to end,” the source said.

The insider clarified that Madonna’s children love and respect her. But the singer’s recent antics like when she lied down on Jimmy Fallon’s table is just something that they can’t tolerate.

“It makes them cringe to see her writhing around naked and making a fool of herself. Lourdes and Rocco struggled for years with their mom’s attention-seeking behavior. Madonna thinks she’s being hip and irreverent and still gets this huge kick out of shocking people, but it’s reaching a boiling point,” the source said.

Lourdes and Rocco allegedly have plans to sit their mom down and tell her how they really feel about her antics. They will also tell Madonna that she needs a reset before she winds up destroying her legacy.

While it is true that Madonna has been showing off too much skin in recent months, there’s no proof that her children are worried about her.

After all, Lourdes and Rocco have not publicly commented on their mom’s antics. So, it’s possible that the tabloid is the one that’s offended by what the singer has been doing. And they are just using the siblings to make it seem as though their comments are justified.

Earlier this week, Madonna also made headlines after she shared a photo of herself wearing a short plaid skirt. The skirt is so short that it exposed the singer’s buttocks.

The singer shared the racy snaps on her Instagram account, and she received thousands of likes and positive comments from her supporters.

Her children did not comment negatively on Madonna’s snap. So, it’s unclear what they really think about the photos.

At the end of the day, Madonna has the right to post all the pictures that she wants. And she also has the right to flaunt her body because she’s simply proud of it.

After all, not everyone looks as good as the singer in their 60s.