Hilaria Baldwin is, allegedly, disgusted by her husband, Alec Baldwin because the actor gained a considerable amount of weight in recent months.

In its Nov. 29 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Baldwin currently weighs 250 pounds. And even though Hilaria regularly tells him to watch what he eats, the Rust actor doesn’t listen.

“Hilaria understands the pressure he feels as the sheriff’s department carries on with their investigation. But she’s telling him to lay off the grease and the fattening foods – not just because it’s dangerously unhealthy, but also because he’s looking like a serious slob,” the source said.

The source added that one of the things that Hilaria hates the most is Baldwin’s huge belly, and she thinks that her husband needs to get rid of this.

But instead of working out and eating healthy, the actor just tends to consume more fatty foods like pasta, creamy sauces, juices, and more.

Every time Hilaria reminds her husband to take care of himself, the actor allegedly lashes out at her.

Years ago, Baldwin was diagnosed with pre-diabetes that’s why his wife wants him to stay healthy. However, he’s not listening because the actor is too stressed.

Weeks ago, Baldwin was involved in the accidental shooting and death of Rust’s assistant director, Halyna Hutchins. He also shot and injured the movie’s director, Joel Souza.

Even though Baldwin has been saying that he’s innocent and that what happened was an accident, at least two staff members already filed a lawsuit against him.

Baldwin has not retaliated because his lawyers advised him to not talk to the press about the incident.

While it may be true that Baldwin gained a considerable amount of weight in recent months, it’s not true that Hilaria feels disgusted toward her husband.

In fact, the couple has become closer than ever due to the controversy that Baldwin is involved in.

Following the incident, the couple also went out on a date night, which proves that Hilaria is not ashamed of how Baldwin looks.

Hilaria was also on the set of Rust when reporters interviewed Baldwin, and she immediately came to her husband’s defense. This proves that Hilaria has been nothing but a wonderful system to her husband.

And since she works as a yoga instructor and as a fitness guru, it won’t be difficult for her to encourage Baldwin to be healthy again