A royal expert believes Queen Elizabeth II is preparing everything for Prince Charles’ reign. She is said to be “laying the groundwork” for the next person in line for the British Throne.

Speaking to Express UK, royal author Ian Lloyd explained that the British Monarch is “supremely popular” among the U.K. public. However, she does not reportedly want the monarchy to “come crashing down” when she goes.

The expert also stated that she does not want a “vacuum where people do not know what is going to happen, and then [the Prince of Wales] comes along as an elderly man.” He added that the Heir Apparent is no PR dream because of his age.

Lloyd explained to the publication that Prince Charles is approaching his 80s. He asserted that “it is not the PR dream to have somebody… who has lost the bloom of youth.”

The royal expert noted that while Queen Elizabeth II’s heir “seems very healthy now,” he “may himself be at the age where you start having issues.” As the public knows it, the Prince of Wales, who is the next person in line to the British Crown, is turning 74 later this year.

Later, the outlet reported that the British Monarch had already started delegating duties to other members of the British Royal Family in the last few years. Moreover, it is said that the “passage of duties” from the Queen to her heir “has become more visible” in the past few months due to her mobility issues.

Elsewhere in the report, the same royal expert stated that there is the “desire” to see Queen Elizabeth II reach another milestone in her role as a monarch. This comes after she recently broke the record for becoming the first English sovereign to reign for over seven decades.

Lloyd told the publication that the public likely wants the British Monarch to break another record, which would be in 2024. He explained that she would “beat King Louis XIV of France” by that year as the “longest-reigning monarch on record.”

The expert reportedly argued, though, that the Queen is “not really bothered about records.” He shared that the monarch “was not very keen to do anything” when she superseded Queen Victoria’s record of reign in 2015.

A separate report from Express UK stated that Queen Elizabeth II has, so far, about 713 days left until she beats the French King’s record as of June 12, 2022. As noted, he reigned for 72 years and 110 days, making him the longest-reigning monarch in the world.