Kendall Jenner revealed that she feels the “day is coming” for her to have her own children. She told Khloe Kardashian of the matter during an outing they made.

Geo News reported that the exchange between the two sisters was seen in the latest episode of “The Kardashians.” As it happened, the 26-year-old model drove her 33-year-old sister to a baby store, where they purchased some things for Kylie Jenner, who was still pregnant at the time.

Upon arrival at the store, Jenner told Kardashian that “being in a baby store feels real” for her during those times. She added that it was like “the day is coming” for her to welcome her own children.

The Good American co-founder responded to her younger sister’s statement, saying “remember what we talked about? The standard.” This led the Tequila 818 owner to assure her older sister that she would “100 percent” hold herself to the “standards.”

However, Kendall Jenner admitted that it now “feels a little more real” for her age. But, Khloe Kardashian argued that “26 was not too old to have a baby,” with reports recalling that she herself welcomed her daughter at the age of 33.

Jenner, later on, explained that she has “so many nieces and nephews at this point.” Nevertheless, she shared that “it is always exciting to meet a new little personality, and see who they become.”

Mail Online noted that the 26-year-old reality star now has 20 nieces and nephews from all her siblings. She has two from Kylie Jenner, nine from her Kardashian half-siblings, and another nine from her Jenner half-siblings.

To date, she is the only child of Kris Jenner who has yet to become a parent. This likely explains why the momager has reportedly repeatedly urged her to start her own family.

But, Kendall Jenner previously admitted that she does not know if she is ready yet, according to Cosmopolitan. She was even said to have “clapped back” at her mother for making her “uncomfortable” due to the conversation they were having in last week’s episode of “The Kardashians.”

As reported, Kris Jenner told her daughter that “maybe it’s time” for her to have a child and start a family. She added that she was “just thinking maybe it’s time” for her to “have a baby.”

In the confessional, she explained that she still has a lot of things “to figure out before [she] can welcome a child into [her] life.” She also noted that she is “still just enjoying life on [her] own” before saying she is “OK with that right now.”