Amber Heard reportedly has the capacity to make a comeback following the verdict of her latest legal battles with Johnny Depp. But, it is said that she would make it “on her own terms.”

Geo News reported that this is the prediction of the 36-year-old actress’s former agent, Jeffrey Nightbyrd. He claimed that no one would produce her, “so she should produce her own” materials.

Heard’s ex-agent also noted that the “Aquaman” actress has a “very good brain.” Accordingly, “she should do her own projects” in the future.

Nightbyrd continued that the celebrity will likely “produce and direct a film with an original concept." She will probably “surprise everyone by going outside the system and embracing a role that challenges conventional thinking.”

Amber Heard’s former agent, who reportedly stopped working with her before receiving her “breakthrough role” in “Aquaman,” later on, touched on Johnny Depp’s career. He shared that the actor “has been working on meaningful projects” in the last year and half.

Nightbyrd then asserted that the “Rum Diary” actress “got captured thinking money was the goal.” Hence, “she should learn from those people.”

The talks about Amber Heard’s career have become more apparent these past few weeks. This is especially much truer in the last few days, following the jury’s verdict on her and her former husband’s defamation cases.

On Thursday, “This Morning” experts and hosts discussed the six-week trial, as well as the potential impacts of the verdict to both Heard and Depp's respective career. Sam Rubin believes that the actress is “unlikely” to continue her acting career in Hollywood, according to The Mirror.

The expert explained that “it is going to be very difficult” for the “Paranoia” star to “pick up from here.” It appears to be not likely for her to “resume her life as an actress.”

Rubin noted, however, that there is a possibility that Amber Heard could become an “advocate or spokesperson” in the near future. He asserted that it is “possible” in “parallel to Monica Lewinsky [here] in the [United] States.”

Meanwhile, amid all the assertions about the career of Amber Heard, Lad Bible reported that she already has two films lined up. It said that the report first emerged in Marca earlier in May.

Before the trial started, the “Pineapple Express” star wrapped up a flick titled, “In The Fire.” She is reportedly playing the role of a North American psychiatrist, set in the 19th century.

The other project she was said to have under her belt is “Run Away With Me.” It follows an American citizen in Paris who falls in love with a model, eventually discovering the “criminal underworld” of the modeling industry in Europe.