Mariah Carey and Madonna are allegedly still feuding with each other.

In its June 6 issue, Globe claimed that the feud between the two singers won’t end anytime soon. After all, Carey publicly humiliated Madonna after seeing a racy replica of the singer featured in a video.

“Mariah thinks Madonna’s gross and is making sure Madonna gets the message by telling all their mutual pals. There’s always been tension between the divas because they’re two of the most egotistical, narcissistic celebrities on the planet. But these days, Mariah’s got the edge. She tops Madonna at everything from star power to romance,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Carey has been rubbing her happy relationship with Bryan Tanaka at Madonna’s face. She’s also bragging about her the mansion that she purchased for $5.65 million.

Madonna, on the other hand, is heartbroken following her split from Ahlamalik Williams.

“Mariah’s laughing over Madonna’s breakup with Ahlamalik and now this NFT stuff. Mariah’s saying Madonna’s finished, she’s aged horribly from all the plastic surgery, and her legacy is over. Mariah also crows she doesn’t have to degrade herself to get hits on social media,” the source said.

Even though Madonna has not retaliated against Carey, the source claimed that the singer is upset after hearing all her nemesis’ comments.

“Madonna’s livid. Anyone who knows Madonna will tell you, that she doesn’t take an insult kindly, and she’ll have her revenge. Just give her time,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Carey has not commented on Madonna’s racy NFT so no one knows for sure how she feels about it.

And since Carey has not commented on it, there’s no reason for Madonna to be upset with her.

By the looks of it, this is just the tabloid’s way of making it seem like Carey is a real diva. After all, she has been pitted against other singers over the past couple of years.

In the past, there were also claims that Carey disliked Jennifer Lopez. As such, the two award-winning singers struggled to work together when they were judges on American Idol.

At one point, Carey was also rumored to be one of Hollywood’s worst bosses. After all, the singer allegedly has some outrageous demands from her staff members and household help.